Unique music for your special occasion

Hello! We’re Alison and John and perform together as A Deux Music.

We’re both seasoned professional musicians with over 30 years’ performing experience between us – playing for weddings, events, recitals, theatre shows and orchestral concerts. We love performing together and using our expertise and adaptability to create a personalised, unique touch to your special occasion.


We believe that when it comes to creating a remarkable atmosphere, there’s nothing quite like live music to give an event that extraordinary touch.


We began performing as A Deux whilst working together as teachers and performers in the East Midlands. Alongside playing for weddings and events, we continue to regularly perform together in orchestras across the Midlands, particularly in Derby and Nottingham areas.

We’re very friendly and pride ourselves on an approachable, flexible service. We’d love to chat about how we can add that ‘special something’ to your big day or event – get in touch to say hello!


John Miller

"I love playing the cello, especially for weddings.  I love it so much that I even played at my own wedding! As did many of our family and friends, and the choir where we met.

Growing up in a family of musicians, I was always part of the family string quartet, and when we all went to music college we carried on playing for weddings, something I have now done for 20 years. 


As an orchestral player I enjoy a wide range of music and being part of a large symphony, but it is very special to be in a duet with Alison, and a real privilege for us to be present for the key moments in people’s lives. 


Our arrangements explore the whole range of both instruments and cover such a wide variety of music. My favourite arrangement of 2020 was a lockdown version of Over The Rainbow which we knitted together with some clever computer editing help to honour the NHS staff. 

Playing music is my life, as it is for Alison and hopefully our special combination of sounds will bring our music into a special day in your life."

Alison Madin


"Playing and performing my flute is the love of my life ….. second only to my husband of course! 

Being part of A Deux  and performing with John is an honour, the combination of flute and cello is so unique and beautiful, I love it.

The sound of our two instruments goes so well together and we are able to perform such a wide range of pieces to suit all occasions. 

For my own wedding I actually had a bagpiper - I married at Gretna Green (second time round) but for my first wedding I walked down the aisle to Handel’s water music.

Within a week of that I performed Love Story theme at a friends wedding, which was the start of my performing at wedding ceremonies.


My flute playing is quite eclectic in genre as I regularly perform in orchestras with repertoire ranging from large symphonies to “The Snowman”, but playing in small chamber groups is wonderful as there's the opportunity to arrange popular and lighter pieces for just 2 instruments."

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